How many paragraphs do I have to write?

It goes without saying that the length of you assignment is important for you to decide how many pages you are going to devote to assess the work given and how many others will be for you to defend the points you are trying to make.

The information related to the length of your review will be given to you in the assignment. It is important that you keep to the length established by your tutor as your are expected to defend you points in the number of words or pages given.

Writing less than expected may not be enough for the purposes of your review whereas going beyond the number of words given may not be welcome and be the reason for disqualification.

How can my review be more effective?

Before you start writing you should read your assignment carefully to know what you are expected to do.  Underline the key words if necessary, and bear them in mind when you start writing your paper.   That will help you concentrate on your task better. Concentrate on the key ideas in the task given.

Also remember that it will be an advantage to relate your ideas to the content of your course of studies.  Your tutor will surely want to assess to what extent you have grasped the contents of the course and see if you are able of critical thinking and establishing connections between the material given and fresh material put to you.

Before you start writing your review note down some ideas and facts you may  know about the topic you are going to read.