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What´s a comparative essay?
A `comparative essay´ is an essay in which you will have to summarize and evaluate the key points from two or more texts.  The principles that apply to an essay can be used in this type of writing as well.

In a `comparative essay´ you should use your own words as much as possible and include your own ideas in the answer.

It´s advisable that you also

  1. Plan how you are going to answer the question and organize the information.
  2. Make sure you integrate and paraphrase each of the main points in the texts.
  3. Use the key points in the two input texts as the basis for your answer.
  4. Integrate your own views and opinions with the key points.
  5. Keep it focused. Avoid including any irrelevant information.
  6. Make it interesting and engage the reader.
  7. Write in an appropriate register.
  8. Try to use a variety of cohesive devices.
  9. Try to use a range of vocabulary to demonstrate what you are capable of.